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Forex and CFD trading with fixed spreads on MetaTrader 4 platform. This type of account was designed especially for traders who prefer to know the exact spread size on each trading instrument. It can be important for strategy planning and use of automatic trading.

Starting with any amount of money, you can trade any size from 0.01 Standard lot (1,000 units of base currency) while enjoying a maximum leverage ratio of up to 1:1000 without any commission or extra charges. With Trader’s Way you can be sure of the most competitive spreads starting from only 2 pips.

Knowing your spread beforehand makes it easy and very convenient to use automatic trading, robots, and planning tools. Some manual strategies also require (and are most efficient with) predetermined spreads. With Trader’s Way MT4.FIX. accounts you can make the most out of the platform’s famous Advisors and programming options when you are required to know or wish to know your spreads in advance.

You can start trading with an MT4.FIX. demo account to learn about all the peculiarities of trading without any risk. Moreover, you can trade any time and any place, via any mobile device using MT4 Mobile Applications.The advantages of the most popular MT4 platform – a user-friendly interface, charts, news, updates and much more – are at your service anywhere you go, whatever device you use and whenever you want to trade.

MT4.FIX. account trading conditions are the following:

Low Spreads

starting from only 2 pips

Deposit Currency


Minimum Initial Deposit

no limitations

Minimum Volume of a transaction

0.01 of a lot (1,000 units of base currency)

Lot Size

100,000 units of base currency 


0.01 of a lot

Maximum Leverage ratio


for currencies


balance lower than 1,000



balance from 1,000 to 20,000



balance from 20,000 to 30,000



balance from 30,000 to 40,000



balance from 40,000 to 50,000



balance from 50,000 to 100,000



balance from 100,000



Maximum leverage for non-currency instruments is: for metals - 1/2 of your account leverage, for other instruments - 1/8



Execution type

Instant *

Carrying positions overnight


NOSWAP (swap-free) accounts

Available **

Stop Out Level


Access to your account from mobile devices

Yes, free of charge

Demo version

Yes ***

For detailed information about each trading instrument (inc. Spread, Swap, Min.Trade.Size, Contract Size and Step Size) follow the links below:

* Pending orders are executed at the best price.
** To switch an account to a NOSWAP mode, a letter that states your intentions must be submitted to the following email address: In addition, a copy of the letter must be uploaded and stored in your private office. A 10 USD fee for each standard lot open during rollover is charged on a daily basis. Available for accounts in USD and EUR only.
*** Demo accounts expire in 30 days after the last login.

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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread

USDC and USDT Stablecoins Available as Payment Options

We are now happy to announce support of USDC (USD Coin) and USDT (Tether) as our newest payment options.

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