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cTrader Automate

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cAlgo dostarcza mocne, szybkie i niezawodne automatyczne handlowanie w łatwym do zastosowania, przyjaźnie kodującym środowisku dla rozwijania i testowania Twoich własnych robotów i niestandardowych wskaźników.

cTrader Automate lets you build trading robots and custom technical indicators using C#. cTrader Automate also includes Developer’s Network to download, share and discuss robots and indicators.

Modern C# API

C# is an ideal programming language for your robot and indicator algorithms.

With millions of developers already coding in C#, traders can succeed in a large and thriving community, and work together with a larger pool of collaborators without having to learn a new programming language specific to building robots on a single platform.

cTrader Automate’s API, specifically designed for e-FX trading, uses syntax in human readable format so end users can engage with the API quickly and easily.

Plug & Play Robot Trading

When the code for a trading robot has been written, cTrader Automate’s ‘plug and play’ functionality allows traders to load a robot or download robots from other users in the community, and click ‘play’ to instantly begin trading.

Robot code can contain certain parameters which will help form the basis of the robot’s trading decisions (e.g. number of standard deviations, RSI levels, etc.). These parameters can be set by the trader before running the robot and are in human readable format for easy end-user trading.

Developer Network

cTrader’s Developer’s Network is an advanced, dedicated community for traders and developers to share, discuss and collaborate on trading robots and custom indicators.

Our collaborative tools let you upload and download indicators and robots, write and read trading blog posts, and comment on robots and indicators within the community.

cTDN also features full API documentation and comprehensive help guides for cTrader and cTrader Automate.

In-built Code Editor

Code for robots or indicators can be written using Visual Studio or cTrader Automate’s code editor.

The code editor is designed to make coding as straightforward and hassle free as possible, with search fields to help you find parts of your code and autocomplete for faster and more intuitive coding.

Depth of Market

cTrader Automate’s API gives you complete depth of the market access, with Level II Pricing and full order book data available for traders to take advantage of in their algorithms and strategies.

cTrader Integration

Normally operating as two independent platforms, cTrader and our algorithmic trading platform, cTrader Automate, work effortlessly together to provide a seamless trading experience between manual and automated trading.

The platforms share chart templates and accounts (the same account can log in to both), and one is always easily accessible from the other.


cTrader makes it easier than ever to create and save chart templates for future use.

Templates are shared between cTrader and cTrader Automate, so you can easily access your templates when switching between manual and algorithmic trading.

Multiple Languages

cTrader is currently available in 14 different languages.

Currently supported languages:
English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, German.

Trading Sessions

Knowing which world markets are open or closed can be critical in selecting an appropriate trading  strategy and entry point. That’s why cTrader always shows you which trading sessions (e.g. London, Tokyo, New York) are currently active – clearly displayed at the bottom of the platform.

On Tick and On Bar Events

cTrader Automate robots and indicators can be programmed to rerun their code on every chart tick, or on every new bar or candlestick formed for the chart timeframe.