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Important Bitcoin Deposit/Withdrawal Interruption Beginning November 14th

On November 16th, the Bitcoin network will be undergoing some changes related to SegWit2x - another hard fork in the blockchain - which is likely to cause uncertainty on how Bitcoin transactions may be processed in the future, as well as whether this will result in two separate, permanent blockchains.

Because of the anticipated short term uncertainty surrounding these upgrades, TradersWay will disable all Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals beginning on November 14th until at least 24 hours following the hard fork that will occur on or around November 16th. Deposits and withdrawals will be enabled at our discretion and you will be informed accordingly. Until then, all deposits and withdrawals will proceed as usual. Please plan accordingly.

If you generate a Bitcoin address on our website for deposits and send coins to us just before or during the hard-fork, we cannot guarantee that your coins will arrive in a timely manner if at all. This Bitcoin network upgrade is outside of our control and we strongly discourage anyone sending coins to our Bitcoin wallet addresses during the fork. You will ultimately be responsible for any coins potentially lost during this time. Therefore, you should take care to secure all of your Bitcoins, wallets and their private keys and not participate in any transactions at all, on any website, during the affected time period without exercising caution.

We will continue to closely monitor any relevant developments.

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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread

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