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Currency outlook for the 2021

New Year is expected to be much better than the previous one. Admittedly 2020 set the bar very low but economies will still face tough hurdles in Q1 of 2021 due to the ongoing lockdowns.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 14 – Dec 18)

Big week ahead of us will have no less than four central bank meetings (Fed, BOE, BOJ and SNB) as well as preliminary PMI data from EU, consumption data from US and China along with Brexit and US stimulus news.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 7 – Dec 11)

ECB meeting with expected “recalibration” of programs will have the most impact on the markets followed by news regarding the Brexit deal. Additionally, we will have a BOC meeting as well as inflation data from US and China.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 30 – Dec 4)

NFP will highlight the first week of the last month in 2020. It will be followed by preliminary November inflation from EU, Chinese PMI data and Q3 GDP from Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 23 – Nov 27)

In the shortened week ahead of us preliminary PMI data from EU and UK as well as Fed’s preferred inflation measure PCE will be the highlights. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday markets in the US will be closed so liquidity will be lower. We advise you to exercise caution in trading.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 16 – Nov 20)

Consumption data from US and China coupled with preliminary Q3 GDP reading from Japan will be the highlights of the week.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 9 – Nov 13)

After a very eventful week we will have a rather quiet week ahead of us with RBNZ meeting leading the way.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 2 – Nov 6)

US presidential election on Tuesday. This event alone would make most other weeks completely uneventful. On top of that we will have RBA, BOE and Fed meetings as well as NFP to round out the week.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Oct 26 – Oct 30)

ECB, BOJ and BOC meetings, along with preliminary Q3 GDP data from the US and EU will highlight the final week before the US elections.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Oct 19 – Oct 23)

Preliminary PMI data from Europe, talks surrounding Brexit negotiations as well as Q3 GDP reading from China will impact the markets.

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