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Market Info

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (September 27, 2013)


The US dollar lost some ground to most of its major counterparts yesterday, as bleak economic data convinced traders that a taper is not likely for this year. 

USD/JPY: Rising Channel Support (September 27, 2013)

USD/JPY has been climbing slowly inside a rising channel on its 4-hour time frame, and is currently testing the bottom.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (September 26, 2013)


The US dollar let go of its recent gains to the dollar, yen, and euro as data from the US economy wasn’t as strong as expected. 

NZD/USD: Break and Retest Scenario (September 26, 2013)

NZD/USD has retreated from its recent rallies, as bulls are unable to take the pair significantly past the .8400 major psychological resistance.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (September 25, 2013)


The US dollar’s rally gained traction yesterday, even though there weren’t exactly a lot of major reports on tap. In fact, US reports actually came in below consensus yesterday, as the Richmond manufacturing index slipped from 14 to 0 instead of improving to 17. 

USD/CHF Downtrend to Hold? (September 25, 2013)

USD/CHF has been trending lower in the past few days but it seems to be having difficulty sustaining its decline past the .9100 major psychological support level. 

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (September 24, 2013)


The US dollar had a mixed performance yesterday as traders are trying to reestablish their biases on the US economy. 

AUD/USD: Break and Retest Scenario? (September 24, 2013)

AUD/USD seems to be having trouble sustaining its rallies, as a major correction might take place instead. The pair found resistance at .9500 and may pull back to an area of interest before resuming its rally.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (September 23, 2013)


Just when it seemed the US dollar was in for another round of losses, FOMC member Bullard gave a testimony and started talking about the possibility of tapering in October. 

USD/CHF Falling Trend Line (September 23, 2013)

USD/CHF is in a solid downtrend these days, as a falling trend line can be formed when connecting the highs of the price. The pair has broken below several key support levels but might be in for a pullback today.

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