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Daylight Savings Time Notice

On Sunday, March 8th, most of the US and Canada moved clocks forward by 1 hour as daylight savings time hours will begin. Europe and other countries observing daylight savings time will be moving clocks forward exactly three weeks later on March 29th. Our trading server is tied to European time so the time zone of our server will be moving to GMT+3 for the next six months as usual on March 29th. Note the following ways in which this affects your trading accounts for the next three weeks.

  1. For those living in the US and Canada, you are used to markets opening at 5PM East Coast time on Sunday evenings. Due to daylight savings, they will open at 6PM East Coast time because your clocks will have moved forward 1 hour relative to European time. It then follows that Metals and Oil will not open up until 7PM ET. All times will read correctly on our servers however, with the market open at 00:00 and Metals/Oil at 01:00.
  2. Rollover will be at 6PM ET for US and Canadian clients during the next three weeks, not 5PM ET for the same reasons as above.
  3. On Friday, March 13th, Friday March 20th and Friday March 27th the trading server will shut off at 23:00 server time as usual. However this will correspond with 5PM ET on Friday while US/Canadian clients are used to our server closing 1 hour earlier than this on Fridays (4PM ET). Trading will therefore end for these weeks 1 hour later relative to US/Canadian local times.

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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread

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