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MT5 Terminal


我们为交易提供有大量的可能性。首先,我们提供一个广泛的交易工具,使用最多和众所周知的Meta Trader平台。除此之外我们还提供更多平台。

你可以用任何计算机设备上的任何浏览器交易。特别开发的应用叫做Web Trader允许你不用安装程序就可以访问你的帐户,只需要进入这个URL地址, 输入你的登录名和密码就可以交易了!

它解决了跨平台兼容性问题-它可以运行在Windows,Linux或者Mac OS系统下。 通往成功的道路上再也没有障碍!

如果你经常旅行,你可以在任何兼容的设备上使用我们的手机交易软件。 只需打开 就可以访问所有的市场,它们都将在你的指尖!同一个交易帐户可以在手机或平板电脑上使用。对于iPhone用户,我们的交易软件是可以免费下载的。



TradersWay cMirror is an application that allows you to Mirror (copy) the trades of Signal Providers using Market Orders for entry. It also allows you to become a Singal Provider so that you can offer your signals to other Traders and charge commissions per million mirrored for your service.


Trader’s Way向其客户提供一个高质量的VPS托管服务,可一周7天,一天24小时无限制地连接。

MT4 Trading Signals

MetaTrader 4 provides the built-in social trading service - Trading Signals. Using this service, you can copy deals of other traders directly in your terminal. All you need to do is to choose a Signals Provider and subscribe to his or her signals. After that, all deals will be automatically copied on your trading account.

FxStat Autotrading


FxWire Pro新闻资料

IB时报的FxWire Pro是一项专业级的实时外汇新闻服务,整合在我们的MetaTrader4平台上,为外汇交易商提供全球货币市场实时的全面看法和见地。

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Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread
Instrument Bid Ask Spread

USD Coin Only Accepted via Ethereum Protocol

Trader's Way clients can continue to deposit USD Coin (USDC) as usual into their trading accounts, however...

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