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Update Regarding Your Account

We had previously informed you that one of our liquidity providers had sent incorrect quotes through our system on August 29th. 

While we resolved the issue and dropped the liquidity provider in question, many trading accounts were affected. Our goal was to ensure that we dealt with the situation both fairly and correctly, which required us to take some time in resolving it. We thank you for your continued patience.

If we have determined your trades to have been affected by the pricing issue, we have opened one or more live accounts in your Private Office on our website and made balance adjustments in the following format:

[Account Number] # [Ticket Number]

What this means is that on your new account we have opened will show some balance operations in it. The description shown for each balance operation will show your trading Account Number (the one on which you were trading on August 29th) followed by the trade ticket order ID numbers (Ticket Number) for which we are making the adjustment. In order to not interfere with accounts that may be currently trading, we have elected to make any balance corrections separately which can be withdrawn or transferred over to your other trading account(s) as needed. If there is a liability in your new account (negative balance) it must be covered before you withdraw funds from any of your trading accounts.

In order to access your new trading account which we have opened for you, please

1) Log into your Private Office on our website -

2) Click 'View All' next to 'Live Accounts'

3) Look toward the bottom of the list for all new account numbers we have created that show a balance and click on the account number itself

You will see all adjustments here, including the trading account number on which you were trading on August 29th and the trade ticket we have compensated for you. This will allow us to keep everything separate.

If you have any questions about your own trading account, we invite you to contact us an we will be happy to help. Note that volumes are still high so please refrain from sending multiple emails - we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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