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Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 27, 2015)


The US dollar was mostly stuck in consolidation against its forex rivals since there were no reports out of the US economy.

USDJPY Reversal Pattern (Nov 27, 2015)

USDJPY has been climbing recently but a reversal pattern just formed, indicating that a downtrend might be next.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 26, 2015)


The US dollar chalked up another mixed forex performance, as economic reports were all over the place.

GBPAUD Potential Pullback (Nov 26, 2015)

GBPAUD has sold off sharply recently, breaking below a significant support level around 2.1200

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 25, 2015)


The US dollar functioned mostly as a counter currency in recent trading sessions, ending up with a mixed performance against its forex peers.

EURGBP Long-Term Range (Nov 25, 2015)

EURGBP appears to have made yet another bounce off the bottom of its long-term range

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 24, 2015)


The US dollar still managed to dominate against its forex peers even with weaker than expected economic data.

AUDUSD Trend Line Pullback (Nov 24, 2015)

AUDUSD has recently broken above the falling trend line visible on its 1-hour chart, indicating that a reversal is underway.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Nov 23, 2015)


The US dollar rebounded against its forex rivals on Friday, recovering back to its weekly highs against most of its counterparts.

GBPJPY Ascending Channel (Nov 23, 2015)

GBPJPY has been moving on an uptrend on its 4-hour time frame, with an ascending channel connecting the latest highs and lows of price action.

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