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Stock Indices

Stock markets compete with Forex in terms of popularity among traders. There are countless companies traded on various stock exchanges all around the world.

 Such companies include well-known giants like IBM or Coca-Cola as well as small start-ups attracting their first capital.

It is common for traders without insider information about a certain company to deal with not one or two specific stocks but with Stock Indices, instruments that derive their value from a basket of numerous shares. These indices usually track one particular market, sector or industry, e.g. the NASDAQ-100 Index includes the 100 largest non-financial stocks listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

Our mission is to give the widest range of trading instruments and so we offer you opportunities to trade on the major US and European indices. For these purposes you can use any type of account (except the MT4.MICRO).


In order to see the list of instruments available and trading conditions please choose an account type.

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