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Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 19, 2014)


The US dollar returned some of its recent post-FOMC gains to its forex counterparts, as data from the economy came in mixed. 

USDCAD Ascending Trend Line (Dec 19, 2014)

USDCAD has been on a short-term uptrend, as shown by the ascending trend line connecting the pair’s recent lows. 

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 18, 2014)


The US dollar got a strong boost from the FOMC statement yesterday, even as the Fed retained its “considerable time” phrase in talking about how long interest rates are likely to remain low. 

EURGBP Symmetrical Triangle (Dec 18, 2014)

EURGBP has been moving inside a symmetrical triangle chart pattern since mid-August, as price made higher lows and lower highs. 

GBPUSD Short-term Forex Range (Dec 17, 2014)

GBPUSD has been stuck in a range on its 1-hour time frame, as the pair found support at the 1.5600 major psychological level and resistance at the 1.5750 minor psychological mark. 

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 17, 2014)


The US dollar lost ground to most of its FX trading counterparts once more, although it managed to hold steady against the commodity currencies. 

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 16, 2014)


The US dollar had a mixed performance recently as it acted more as a counter currency to its forex rivals. 

EURUSD Symmetrical Triangle (Dec 16, 2014)

EURUSD is consolidating inside a symmetrical triangle pattern ahead of the top-tier events from both the euro zone and the US this week.

Forex Major Currencies Outlook (Dec 15, 2014)


The US dollar was in a weak spot last Friday, as data from the US economy came in mixed. 

EURGBP Rising Channel (Dec 15, 2014)

EURGBP has been moving inside a rising channel since the start of the month, as the uptrend might carry on. 

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