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MT4 MICRO account

The MT4.MICRO. is the right account option for traders who have scarce finances or little experience. The Forex Micro account is also a good option for anyone who has lost their confidence or needs to test a new strategy. 

Trader’s Way, a prime online Forex and CFD broker, offers a lot of opportunities to traders with varying strategies, experience, and funds. With a Trader’s Way Forex Micro account you have the perfect balance: low risk but with the opportunity to trade in a REAL environment in order to gain knowledge and try out your skills before risking a lot of money. You can deposit as low as 10 cents and trade in the same way as traders with standard accounts. Fixed spreads are the lowest possible starting from only 3 pips. With a minimum transaction volume of just 0.1 of a micro lot (100 units of base currency) you can minimize your risks while learning about real market trading. After some time with a demo account, a Micro account is a good starting point for any beginner. You can observe your own behavior under real pressure, learn about trading discipline and gain an understanding of the market.

You will have a high leverage ratio of 1:1000 to improve your chances of earning more. Then again, if you want to, you can always lower the risks by operating with smaller amounts.

Scarce funds and insufficient knowledge are not the only reasons why traders prefer Forex Micro accounts. They will also help you regain your confidence. This step is sometimes necessary for all traders, even experienced traders. Trading requires time, the ability to learn from examples and mistakes, and the will to judge yourself fairly before you find your own way to success. That’s why even professional traders often resort to Forex Micro accounts. It is the perfect ground for testing a new strategy with minimum risk. Perfect order execution and professional support will help you on your way. When you gain confidence and are sure of your new tactics, you can then switch to your regular account and earn more. Keep in mind that though small in size, the Trader’s Way Forex Micro account offers real trading and must be treated accordingly. Otherwise, you are likely to deceive yourself and make inevitable mistakes.

In any case, it is good to have a wide range of tools in your quest to conquer the market. Try all the options and feel free to trade your own way. Trader’s Way offers you all the tools you need to succeed, and with wisdom and sufficient knowledge you are sure to find your way to earning and living the life you want.

Please, check our MT4.MICRO. account trading conditions.

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